Why Should You Cater For Corporate Events?

Why should you cater for corporate events? For some people this may be an obvious answer, maybe you are part of a corporation who has been catering for years and you guys no longer even think twice about it. Or maybe this is the first time you’ve hosted a corporate event and you’re debating whether […]

Casual to Formal Event Appetizers

Have you ever been to a fancy restaurant and the menu looks like its in a foreign language? We’ve all been there where we have to put our head down and ask the waitress to really interpret what the menu is saying. Even just last week, I ate at a restaurant and the waitress was […]

All Day Corporate Meeting: You Relax, We Work

Sometimes meetings last 10 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour or perhaps all day long. Whether you need to provide a small breakfast or snacks and lunch for an all day conference, we make sure you’re providing five star meals to your employees all day long. Don’t worry about having to throw together two separate catering […]

4 In-Season Ingredients We Are Loving

Majority of food you can eat all year round, however you’ve probably heard many times before someone saying “this is in season” or “that isn’t in season”. In season means that the specific item is at its peak harvest. Peak harvest times, usually means that the item is the cheapest and freshest on the market. […]

Our Summer Sensation Menu Items

With Memorial day passing, it officially is time for white jeans, country concerts, and our favorite, cookouts! With every season comes a new menu for Aynie’s catering. The freshest ingredients depend on what time of year it is, that’s why every month there is a brand new menu. This month we are featuring the best […]