All Cincinnati Catering Companies Should Serve Customers This Way

spinach artichoke stuffed chicken

When you order Cincinnati corporate catering, it’s important that the food stands out and makes a great impression on everyone involved. At Aynie’s catering, we strive to not only have delicious food, but to also provide incredible service for our customers.

People are our top priority—as they should be for all catering companies in Cincinnati—so we recognize that catering isn’t just about the food, it’s about the entire experience.

Why Aynie’s Stands Out Among Cincinnati Catering Companies

Fresh food—Our promise to serve only fresh food goes hand in hand with our dedication to natural ingredients. Aynie’s makes every order minutes before it is delivered to maintain fresh and delicious taste.

And fresh doesn’t just mean it is right out of the oven either—it means they are locally sourced when possible, and do not have the artificial preservatives that are synonymous with processed foods.

Family run business—As a local, family run business, our customers are our community members, friends, and family. We believe food brings people together—especially if it tastes good! It starts great conversations that continue to build our community within Cincinnati. Sharing a meal is so incredibly powerful in the way it builds strong relationships across the table.

We know that when you choose Aynie’s you are putting your trust in us as well. Whether at a corporate meeting or a big presentation, we want you to look your best and the food served will be the cherry on top of the event.

Our connection with our customers is completely unparalleled when it comes to national brands. Besides just knowing the people we serve, we also care tremendously about what they eat. Our job is to make a great variety of healthy foods taste delicious and fresh.

When you care for the people you work for, that much more effort is put into the quality of the service. In the words of one customer, Ashley, our food does not have “the institutional taste a lot of catering companies have.” Why does our food taste different? It is simply fresh and delicious food that goes straight from our kitchen to your event.

We serve you the same food we provide for our own family and friends, because we value our customers in a way that chain brands simply cannot. Being family run, we understand how valuable the health of your loved ones is, which is why we only serve the best.

New monthly menu features—Each month we come up with new monthly, seasonal menus to maintain variety for our customers. Boring food definitely does not spice up an event, but rest assured our exciting and new menus will. Not all of your audience will have the same taste—some are picky and others are down for anything. Whatever the case may be, we have food for everyone.

In our February menu alone, we have 3 delicious new salad bowls along with the 12 month-long offers, as well as 5 new paninis including the pesto chicken and veg out, and 3 new hot entrée options including the spinach artichoke stuffed chicken and the grilled herb chicken or salmon. Though routines are nice to have, it is nice to eat outside of the (nosh) box!

On time delivery—That feeling when you are waiting for the server to bring you your food and it takes forever: the worst! Being that freshly prepared and delicious food is of the utmost importance for us, we always deliver on time to offices, your home, or wherever your event may be.

We know that the food is a key part of any event and to have to wait for it is not just annoying, it is unprofessional. Delivery is just one less thing you have to stress about when the day comes for your event.

As said earlier, catering is more than just the food itself, it is the entire experience. We go out of our way to ensure that delivery is convenient for you to save you time.

Taste Aynie’s Catering For Yourself

Aynie’s values fresh food and our family run business means that we treat you as our own! Planning an event is stressful and as caterers, we believe that all catering companies must make their customer’s every need ab absolute priority.

Order and forget the details—we will take care of the rest!

Whatever the audience at your events’ taste may be, Aynie’s has something for everyone. Don’t settle for less, order from Aynie’s today!