Our Panini’s Equal Corporate Catering Goals

There are very few corporate caterer dishes that are “goal” worthy. What do I mean by this? Being a “goal worthy” dish means being the populace top choice. At Aynies, we ensure that we provide you with inch-perfect catered meals. Our panini sandwiches are the best you can ever taste. We like to think our paninis are the true definition of  “goals”.

Our major objective has always been to surpass requirements and give outstanding satisfaction to our consumers. The panini coming from us has got a unique taste compared to others. We have worked so hard to ensure that our customers can tell if a panini is from us by just tasting it.

Why Panini’s?

The foundation of this delicious and tasty delicacy is what makes it different from others.  Paninis are made with Italian pieces of bread like ciabatta and michetta. These loaves of bread are baked to any shape; they are long and broad and are made with wheat flour, olive oil, water, salt, and yeasts. This makes the bread very suitable for making Paninis. It also gives it a unique taste and texture that is unlike other sandwiches.

Sometimes Paninis can also be made with baguettes an excellent French bread which also makes it super delicious. The bottom line is that irrespective of the bread type used amongst these three options, you’re sure to have a delightful treat. Apart from the dough types that makes Panini unique from other sandwiches, the varieties of ingredients that lies between the dough also give it a superb taste and make it enjoyable.

There are different types of Paninis which include the Greek Chicken Panini, the Italian Panini, the Tuna Melt Panini, and the Veg Out Panini. What makes this paninis different from each other are their vital ingredients. The Greek Chicken Panini is made with chicken breast, the Italian Panini is made with pork meat, the Tuna Melt Panini is made with Albacore tuna fish, and the Veg Out Panini consists of seasonal vegetables.

Greek Chicken Panini

The Greek Chicken Panini is one of the various delicious Panini delicacies.  As mentioned earlier, there are multiple types of Paninis depending on the ingredients used in making it. The Greek Chicken Panini as clearly stated in its name is made with chicken. The chicken breast is marinated with Fela spread which gives you a delicious chicken treat. It also contains roasted red pepper which makes it mildly spicy, red onions which provides it with excellent flavor, cucumbers and spinach which completes the high harmony. We grill these ingredients along with the dough on a fresh bakery roll to give you the delicious Greek Chicken Panini. A simple bite will turn you to an ‘Oliver Twist’; you will always crave for more of these uniquely delightful meals. Order one for yourself from us, and savor it’s great taste.

Italian Panini

If you’re a lover of pork, then this is the best Panini for you. Our Italian Panini is another fantastic variety of Paninis made with incredible ingredients to make it delicious and taste great.  It is made with Ham and Capicola which are pork cold cuts; this gives you the excellent pork flavor and feel.

The dough is further laced with white cheddar cheese for that mild sour flavor. It also contains red pepper and banana pepper which gives it a sweet and spicy taste. All these ingredients make the Italian Panini taste tremendous and makes it very palatable. Apart from all the healthy nutrients and the delicious flavor the Italian Panini has got, it is also lovely and colorful when it comes to looks. This means either by its aroma or its appearance you will surely be attracted to this great delight.

Tuna Melt Panini

Different kind of people exists in this world. Just like we have people with varying color, so also do we have people with varying taste and choice. This best explains the reason why certain people do not quite enjoy eating chicken, while for some pork is a ‘no go area.’ People with this preference would find it difficult to eat the Greek chicken Panini or the Italian Panini. But should it stop them from eating Panini at all? No, it shouldn’t. This is the reason is why we introduce to you another great variety of Panini, the Tuna Melt Panini.

The Tuna Melt Panini is made with the tasty Albacore Tuna fish which gives this Panini its delicious taste and flavor. It is grilled with white cheddar cheese to add that extra sour taste, and sliced tomatoes to make it more nourishing and palatable. Just like other Paninis, the nourishment and flavor of the Tuna melt Panini is not all it has got. The Tuna Melt Panini also has a beautiful appearance which will make you want to have a taste of it. So, if any meat isn’t a choice for you, the Tuna Panini has got you covered.

Veg out Panini

Before this variety of Panini, you might have as well concluded that Veggies can’t savor Panini’s great delight; well the shocker here is that you’re wrong! No pork, no chicken, no fish, you’re vegan; all this doesn’t still stop you from enjoying the Panini sandwich. The reason for this is because at Aynie’s we put the interest of our consumers at heart irrespective of their taste. For this, we’ve made Veg Out Panini available for our vegan customers.

Our Veg out Panini is another tasty variety of Panini available for our customers. This Panini ensures vegetarians can also have a taste of the great delight the Italian bread made sandwich has got. The veg out Panini is made with pure veggies and toppings. It is prepared with grilled vegetables wrapped and loaded with cheddar cheese, hummus topping and cooked seasonal vegetables. It is delicious and spicy and would surely give you great enjoyment while eating. You can’t stop at one; you will surely crave for more.

Panini Trays vs. Panini Nosh Boxes

You can order our Panini varieties in two different forms. You have the liberty to pick the best option for you. Depending on whether you’re throwing a Panini party or you’re on a picnic, you have the benefit of choosing between ordering our Panini as a Tray or a Nosh box. The difference between the two is discussed below:

Panini Trays

Panini Trays consists of many Paninis that are not divided. It is like a buffet whereby you get to serve yourself. This form of order suits occasions like corporate meetings in the office, large parties, or gatherings. So if you feel like treating your party guests to Paninis, the Panini tray is your best shot. It gives room for your guests to serve themselves till they are satisfied.

Panini Nosh Boxes

The Panini Nosh Box is another way to order your panini. It consists of numerous paninis that are individually divided into lunch boxes. This is most suitable for meetings on the go, traveling, or portion control. Each Panini Nosh Box comes with a side of Roasted Redskin Potato Salad.

Either you prefer the Panini Trays to the Panini Nosh Boxes or vice versa, it still doesn’t take away from the delicious, tasty and unique qualities of our paninis.

Final Words

At Aynies.com we offer you the best Paninis you can ever get around the world at a very affordable price. Our delivery is timely, and we never disappoint our clients. We have dedicated so many years into ensuring the satisfaction of our customers and would stop at nothing to provide our best service. So whenever you feel the urge to satisfy your stomach with some paninis, don’t hesitate to order from us.

Either it is the Greek Chicken Panini, the Italian Panini, the Tuna Melt Panini, the Veg Out Panini or a combination of all of them or one of them; we are just a click away from getting you what your heart desire. Why not give us a try today? You will never regret your decision.