Who Is The Team Behind Aynie’s Catering?

Aynie’s Corporate Catering started as a small deli in Covington on Scott Street.  From our humble beginnings 21 years ago, we have evolved out of the retail sector to focus on Corporate Catering.  Everyday we offered new specials and many of them were so popular they became staples of our menu…ie. the Dijon Chicken Salad and Buffalo Chicken Wrap with Bleu Cheese Slaw. There was and is a lot of trial and error.

So who are we?  My name is Ayn (pronounced Ann) and Bill is my dad.  We are the original crew from Scott Street. We collaborated, cooked and kept trying till we started to get it right. We made a lot of mistakes and we worked and continue to work through them until we became a good catering company. Meghan is my youngest sister and also manages the catering operations in our Montgomery Road location.  She is really the “Aynie’s Badass” and the one who makes sure the orders are ready to leave on time each and every day. If you are a regular customer you have likely talked with both Meg and I. If you have been ordering from us for a while it’s possible you have seen us on deliveries. Recently, Melanie, my mom, retired as a teacher and helps out at the store as needed and takes orders, invoices and answers questions. We are truly a small family owned and operated business.  

Tommy is in charge of deliveries and organizing orders as they are prepared. Tommy managed one of our retail locations in Covington and moved to our catering location in Madeira several years ago. He is indispensable to our business. I don’t believe there is anyone who knows how to get around the Greater Cincinnati area as quickly and efficiently as Tommy. Tommy is known to all our customers and is an integral part of Team Aynie’s.

Sonja started with Aynie’s Catering 12 years ago part time. Sonja is part of our family and the most hardworking, dependable person I know. She pours her heart into her work and it shows. Sonja is the definition of tough love and without question, unfailingly loyal to her friends and Aynie’s. Ever try our House Made Soups? Parmesan Crusted Chicken? Spring Pasta Primavera? All the hot entrees and soups are coming straight out of Sonja’s kitchen.

Sallie started with Aynie’s as a manager at our Baldwin location 14 years ago. Sallie currently handles all the salads and breakfast orders. This is not a small task. We jokingly laugh that Sallie’s cooking abilities were nill when she started. Our first clue was when she asked how much water to add to the Rice Krispy Treats. Now Sallie is preparing scratch made dressings, quiche and salads on a daily basis. She is always a good sport and takes a lot of ribbing. We love her funny ways and she is part of what makes us Team Aynie’s.  

There are others working everyday who our customers may know by voice or from deliveries…Jodi, Martha, Chris, Josh and John.  We have recently brought on a couple more employees that are as much a part of who we are and why we are successful, Laurie and Vickie.

When you order food from Aynie’s Corporate Catering, your food is being made by a small business made up of people who care about the end product.  We work hard to make sure your order is right and we love feedback, good or bad…it’s how we get better.

Team Aynie’s